tisdag 21 januari 2020

And just like that, I had pledged to be childless

Isn't it ironic,

Yesterday I came across the #nofuturenochildren initiative, where one can take a pledge not to have children until Government ensures a safe future for these children to live in.

I took it without batting an eye, and it wasn't until a new climate community friend saw this and sent some love my way, that I realised: this is pretty big.

Truth is, I have become so accustomed to doing everything I can for the climate that I barely know a sacrifice anymore.

It's thanks to an off button, really. I use it frequently so as to not think about what I actually want.

(I think that has changed, anyway).

At the same time I see most people, including close friends of mine, continuing life pretty much as usual. Flying to their ski resorts. Rubbing their beef. Shopping new furniture. Cheering on me for my actions.

Being silent.

Have you ever raised a question in a group just to see everybody suddenly turn into aliens, where the one to breathe or make eye contact with you first will (most probably) dissolve and die?

Anyway, it seems people are more afraid of being "called out" than us heading towards an inhabitable earth. Which is fair, I guess. I read that sense of belonging is more important for humans than is truth.

But I do have hope. Our species is renowned for an ability to adapt, and there is also a massive momentum in the green movement.

The tipping point when most people will start pulling their weight is near.

(It has to be near.)

Until then, I'll take care not to fall in love.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Dina ord. Fortsätt beröra oss med dina ord.

    1. Om det får en enda människa att känna så, så lovar jag, min själ, att fortsätta. ♥ Tack för att du hejar, Tess. Det betyder mer än du tror.